The Challenge of Decision-Making

Using third parties to overcome bias


There’s a lot riding on your decision. Have you built a strong business case for R&D investment? What features would address potential customers' needs? What messaging is going to resonate with the right customer segments? The growth of your company depends on these decisions.

When we approach a problem, it’s best to do so with objectivity. But it’s not easy. Bias is a part of being human. It is inherent in research studies and can hinder your ability to make informed decisions that can be the difference between product success or failure.

The Challenge of Decision-Making eBook exposes the bias that commonly crops up in research studies and strategies to avoid it. You will learn:

    • The forms of bias common in major market research projects
    • Strategies to get out of your company's collective head
    • The third-parties who best help with strategic decision making

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